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That Loving Touch

Whiskey's a Demon
Its also a threat
The things you do
You'll always regret.

It makes you crazy
and totally insane
But there's no one else
But yourself to blame.

The things you say
Will deeply scar
But its too late
you've gone to far.

It's hard to think
your so controlled
By a bottle of whiskey
When your twenty years old.

The people that care
you hurt so much
Cause you turn away
From their loving touch.

So when the bottle is empty
and your all alone
Think of the past
which is already gone.

Was it worth it all
To drink it away
Wondering what the hell
did I do or say.

If the lord is with you
and your hearts content
The rest of your time
Will be well spent.

So stop and think
When your sober enough
Is it the bottle you want
or that loving Touch.