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Memories from the Heart

The hardest memories to fight are the memories from the heart. They show up at anytime and at anywhere, just a sound or a brief glimpse of something can bring them back from years gone by. Everyone knows what I mean, a song on the radio, the way a bird flies by or even something as simple as a glair of light hitting something in just the right way. All of a sudden you are filled with the sharpest memories of someone from long ago.

You get very quiet and somber, the expression on your face goes to a distant place, the vision in your mind overwhelms you as once again you’re there reliving that moment. You see the friend, confidant, that special person whom once you thought you could spend the rest of your life with. In that eclipse of moment you are there in love again for a brief moment in time.

Unfortunately the glair fades; the song ends or someone says something to bring you back. And for another moment you are overwhelmed once again with the feelings of pain, remorse and utter sadness. But as soon as your mind has a split second to clear you are left just with the memory of spending time with that person whom you will never forget.

Once again you continue with your life the way it is happy in the fact that you are where you are and things aren’t so bad. You realize that what could have been but never was is something that will remind you of what you have and help you grab hold of what you might find someday, somewhere, when you find a special someone who lights a fire deep inside you.