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I remember a time when my emotions ran free
my feelings I did not hide but expressed to all.
The joy, laughter and sadness that was me
flew freely enough to all those around.

But as time slipped by my feelings got lost
became trapped inside to protect me.
These walls I built inside my mind
caught all things over the course of time.

Time does heal if you let feelings show
but those that are trapped will continue to grow.
The joy and sadness soon become one
the rage and bitterness inside just fester on.

Those walls, my defenses are coming undone
but still I try to keep them bound.
For I've waited almost too long
if I'd release them now who knows what I'd do.

My feelings I hide to keep my control
the toll is to great to let them go.
So my defenses I fortify again today
what else can I do besides go insane.

For those of you who hear my words
don't hide your feelings too deep or my fate will be yours.
So heed this warning to be free
of a terrible grief which no one can see.