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This is my Interests page, and here you'll find some of my many interests and some of my comments about them. A few will have more information and links to take you to more information and comments about them and possibly more information from other places. Enjoy.

Web Design

I've been into computers since I was a small child, which back then wasn't as it is now. I remember using old dial-up modems to access message boards (the Facebook of the time sort of), later HTML webpages, and then email started up. Building a website was something different back then, without the resources so many people have for websites now days. The web pages and sites were so much simpler but still served the same basic function of displaying information to others.

Now days with interactive sites, like Facebook and such, the web is almost a totally different place. We've gone from only having simple text editors for designing web pages and sites to complete development software and web applications that use databases for both the website and users of the site. Now, it's more about overall looks, speed, and content of the sites. This makes web design more of a business thing than the more personalized thing it once was. It's easy for anyone to get a domain and website put up and with software out there manage a site easily if they take the time to learn just a little bit.

With HTML 5 and CSS 3 designing and maintaining web pages and sites can be more involved if you still use the basics and not a web-app with build-in pages and functions. But, using HTML and CSS makes sites more personal, in my opinion, and the ability to do this still isn't known by most that start in the web design field. Even with site building applications that do a lot of the work for you, without knowing the base HTML and CSS it can take time if an error comes up to find it and correct it.... But I find the whole process enjoyable, interesting, and at times challenging in a good way.

Graphic Arts

The field of Graphic Arts is also an interesting field. I've had formal graphic arts training and done work in this field as well in the past. I still find editing and creating graphic images for personal, public, and business uses interesting and enjoyable to do when I have the chance. Being able to create something that others will see and might enjoy seeing, is just something I really like. Sort of makes you feel good inside when someone sees one of your creations and gives it a compliment.


I really like taking pictures and would like to do it more than I do. Photography is something I know I will never be great at but hopefully will be able to be better than strictly amateur status. Still have a ways to go but I do enjoy taking pictures when I have my camera with me.

Hopefully, I’ll get some photos to share on here that I think are worth sharing. It is one of those things that I know I shouldn’t be concerned about as much as I am. Just wouldn’t want someone looking at pictures I took that I thought were good and they think they’re not. Never know though, might decide to post some pictures for all who care to see to look at.


Writing is something most people do not think about much anymore. Everything is either a movie or on TV, but all that stuff came from someone first setting down and writing it. I find writing to be an outlet for feelings and emotions as well to let people learn about you or different things. More and more people are writing today without really realizing it in blogs, statuses, and in any type of text-based messaging. It is the story telling I like about writing.

On this site, you’ll find some of my writings. I don’t add much often, but sometimes I will add one I think is worth adding to my list of writings. If you are interested, please take some time and read a few of the ones I have published here. Never know, might find something you like or that touches you somehow.