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Graphic Arts

I find the graphic arts field interesting since everyone sees things differently and has different reactions to almost everything. What one person finds lovely another might think is disgusting. The act of creating something from scratch though, can be quite appealing.

Of course, graphic arts also deal with just editing images from photographs to other creations from other people. From removing a zit from a face in a picture, to changing the curve of bow on a vector image boat it’s all graphic arts.

Graphic Arts and Photography

Graphic arts are sort of directly related to photography, being that most photographs are editing in at least somewhat anymore. With digital photography, well now you can do the graphics editing and adding things into a photo even before it’s taken. With phone photography so abundant it has almost reduced the meaning of it and the influence arts really have for it.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the real meat and potatoes of what I think truly is Graphic Arts anymore. Being able to create things from nothingness. Seeing an image in your head and then making it come to life on the screen, is Graphic Arts!